I International Competition for T-Shirt Sentence

Ladies & others, I need your help. Don't worry, it isn't economic support.

As some of you know, soon I will be travelling around the peaceful Turkey. From this trip I hope to write and invent amazing histories and put it down on a book.

Would you like to participate on an original way? I will waste my bugs on a red t-shirt, where I would print two sentence, one in English, and another one in Spanish. BUT THE SENTENCE WILL BE PROPOUSED BY YOU, this way it will travel arround all Turkey with me.

But it cannot by a random sentence. It should follow these rules:

- It can be original or a copy from a book, song, film,...
- Its meaning should be close to one of this points.
              1. Have a peace and love message between people and cultures.
              2. It could be a motivation sentence.
              3. It can make reference to one of Avagabundear: nomadism, cooperation, romanticism and equals of opportunities.

I hope you to participate. Good Luck

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